Come on Walkers let’s go

So finally it is time to go.
Tomorrow shortly after 4pm italian time I will take off from Bologna to land in Dublin Airport around 6:15pm.
It is just 1 year and a half since the last time when I left Ireland, with the idea to go again in a few weeks time to continue my PhD. After that many things happened, one of those was to think that I was not going to Ireland any more.
But, looks like I was wrong.
Will be nice to walk around in Dublin again, breed the atmosphere, meet friends, enjoy the fact of just being there.

For all the walkers and friends that will be around in Dublin the program is:

- Tuesday 27th: landing in Dublin, just reach the city center and go for a pizza with friends, maybe pints afterwards, will see!!! Most probably Steps of Rome. It is small, if you wanna join us let me know.
- Wednesday 28th: all day around Trinity College. I hope they will borrow me a desk for a day or two. Best choice would be an easy and nice walk in College Park for lunch time. Most probably around 1PM, usual time for the group of runners in Trinity. Just show up and join us if you can.
- Thursday 29th: PUB NIGHT!!! Friends and ex-colleagues from Trinity are organizing a Pub-Night somewhere in the City Center (at Messrs Maguire from 7pm map). Want to have a room or corner for us, provide some finger food and enjoy the evening all together. Again no need to let me know, if you want drop me an email or send me a text, but must important just SHOW UP over there!!!
I’m trying to prepare a leaflet just to mention why we are going to Connemara, the fact that I wrote a book about a story, that I hope can be of some interest of any of us. Unfortunately it is only in Italian by now (waiting for an editor to publish it, finger crossed). But I’m translating the first chapter, that I want to fit and give printed at the PUB NIGHT. Hopefully can be also a nice way to promote the Charity Collection for Cancer West dot IE (). Also I really want to have an english version of the book at some stage, I’ll do my best to make it happen and let know about it to all my non-italian speaking friends!
- Friday 30th: no plans yet (not sure, I should to go Galway only on Saturday morning), most probably another run for lunch time in Trinity College Park. Again I try to borrow a desk in Trinity College.
- Saturday 31th: in the (late) morning trip to Galway. Appointment from 3 to 4pm in the bib number pick-up location to meet and get bib numbers. The organizer was speaking about a special treatment for us walkers. Also there will be the presentation of Giorgio Calcaterra a friend coming for the Ultramarathon. Ahh, I was nearly forgetting, he is the current World Champion in 100km road race :) … as long as I walk, I said, how about bringing with me a good one to race for winning the race.
In the evening pub night again, there quiet a few good pubs in Galway, so let’s stay tuned and text me to know where we are planning to go. Again I will update this post here, but my italian number will work over there (00393299569648 just text me anyhow I’ll be online)
- Sunday 1st: read the race instructions ( about getting the bus on time. If you are a walker be at the Cathedral Car Park before 8AM, cause the bus for walkers will be the first to leave. We start before the marathon race to be able to reach the finish line at a decent time.
Remember the plan: walk at about 6km/h to finish in about 7 hours. If you are afraid not to be able to walk all the way (42.2km) just plan to walk the half-marathon. Take a bus for the half to reach the start of the half-marathon. Once the half-marathon race starts, just wait somewhere there to catch us walkers from the Marathon. We may be walking throughout Leenan about 1 hour after the start of the half-marathon.