New House New Computer … so? “New” Laptop

At home we will use my current MacBook 13″ (White), that with 2.2GHz 2.4GHz CPU and 2GB Ram can work well as desktop as well, and I can benefit of a small and very light MacBook Air to move from Dublin to Munich. Price? New MacBook Air were definitely out of budget, starting from 1600 even with discount, but this one was 940€, 1.6GHz CPU, 2GB Ram, 80GB Hard Disk. Not bad, I’m quiet happy with the choice, with the same money with don’t have a iMac, but I can really enjoy a light laptop, and the stuff I do daily on it should work pretty well, cause there is no heavy and long time calculation involved. Anyhow I will know soon if it is a nice choice, I should get it tomorrow or the day after at the latest.

By now I can only say long life to Apple (and Steve as well)!

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Rosi moved to Germany in a new house, and now we need a computer for there, so she can have internet at home and we can speak with skype! Also I may need a base for when I’m there, out of my laptop. An iMac was the choice, with Trinity discount I could have got a good 20″ 2Gb RAM for 1004euro. But, hanging around in the Apple Irish Store, I found the possibility to buy refurbished Mac, with 1 year warranty. I then ended-up to buy a refurbished MacBook Air!
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