mp3 for running

My iShuffle is dead, it was not able to handle a round in the washing machine :(
So now I figure out my next mp3 player for running. I still have a very old one, but the batteries are nearly gone.

So my search start and I will use the little knowledge I’ve got with a small poll I did in this blog (link).

My mp3 player need to be:

- Very small with a clip
- Controls easy to be used without watching the player
- Space for 1gb or more
- FM radio if possible (not a must)
- Playlist if possible (not a must)
- Water proof for swimming (or with a water proof envelope) (not a must but appreciated)
- Directly recognized by iTunes (not a must)
- Internal batteries (I prefer to recharge it using the USB port, instead of changing batteries)
- USB port directly on the mp3 (without having a dedicated cable. Not a must)

Let see what I find out!!!