Astronomy Podcast

I just discovered an interesting Podcast, about Astronomy!!! I just downloaded about 80 lessons, of 20-30minutes each. The Podcast is from Prof. Richard Pogge, the address is One of my recent dreams (4-5 years) is, at some stage in my life, to get a university level degree in Astronomy (or better to know about astronomy as much as a person that have a university degree in astronomy). I’ll listen 10-20 of those lessons while running, will see if it works well. Considering my 5 to 8 hours of running per week, that is a kind of half-intensive course, not bad :D

“Audio recordings of the lectures for Prof. Richard Pogge’s Autumn Quarter 2006 Astronomy 161 class at The Ohio State University. The lecture podcasts will begin on 2006 Sept 21 with the first formal
lecture of the quarter, and continue daily through the final lecture on Friday, 2006 December 1. Lecture notes are available on the class webpage. All lectures are recorded live in 100 Stillman Hall on the OSU Main Campus in Columbus, Ohio.”

update: the second series of lessons are the 162, here

update 19/March/2007: During the second training on Sunday (yesterday) I did my first 2 lessons :) number 6 and 7 of series 162. Now I (more or less) know some of the movements of the starts and how to measure them. About the second lesson a had a review of the Special Relativity Theory, and why is definitely foundamental to study and undestand the modern astronomy