Just care about general fitness and weight

Forced by the slow recovery I’m caring about the general fitness, including the amount of running that does not let me fall back to my injuries and also helps on losing weight. 12 weeks to NY and still fighting to run 50-60km per week without any speed, means New York will be a training Marathon, so at least I want to arrive there with a good general fitness and why not, as light as ever in term of weight. Today is sunday and the current week was really nice, just to complete today with a little swim, maybe, and for sure with a 10-15k run.
Monday was time for 1h06 for 15k, easy with a few Ks with carefully progessive. The progression was ok, the piriformis soreness gave only a very small feedback during the last part of the progression, so I did slow down. Tuesday was time for a mixed run and bicycle. 1h of cycling then 9k running from Gauting in a nice walk path in the direction of Starnberg and finally another 30′ back home cycling. Easy running, very easy to avoid any pain after the 15km of Monday.
Wednesday no running, 1h of swimming and 30 minutes of water running. Thursday again a mixed bicycle and run. Just less than 30′ of cycling and again the same path from Gauting to Starnberg, but a little longer. 15km, 1h06′, very enjoiable path with some up and down after the first 4 flat Ks. Finally again a little less than 30′ to cycle back home form Gauting.
Friday I wanted to put some running but together with swimming. Day was great so I could not avoid to go to Westbad, just 3 min from home. 30′ swimming, then 47′ running (easy 10.5k) and another 30′ swimming. Then yesterday, saturday, no running just cycling, about 115km from home (in Pasing) to Andechs, then a loop around the Ammersee lake, via Fisher-Diessen-Riederau-Utting-Inning-Breitbrunn and Herrsching. Then Frieding and Rothenfeld, about 3km again from Andechs and all the way back to Pasing from the same way via Gauting. Very nice day, hot but not too hot, really a nice ride. A lot of gentle up and down, just some steep climbing with a single tough climb from Herrsching to Frieding. I tried to drink a lot on the way, 4h15 minutes of cycling and 15′ of break for an ice cream and to refill bottles. Once at home I cannot describe I was to drink a nice Augustiner Beer … wow!!!
So, now I’m writing down the path on GPSies.com, next time I’ll try to go directly with the GPS I didn’t have yesterday, it’s a nice site (with Android and iPhone applications available for free), 150.000 path already saved there, you can get inspiration or share your own one!
Hope to have again a pretty good week in terms of weather to be able to do another nice week of sport, I really need it and my weight need another -2.5kgr like this week.