Sony Reader: upgrade software & firmware

sony-reader.jpg After upgrading the Sony Reader software and firmware (from 1.0.xx to I founds good improvements. Specially in the management of PDF files, that was one of the most problematic. The zoom now works much better with PDF allowing to zoom a few scales and the Reader reorganize the length of lines, moving the new line accordingly with the zoom. That is a nice plus for this device, that did suffer of a couple of drawbacks. Now reading PDF is much easier and can definitely substitute the printing of many papers with the easy upload on the device. If you have added a memory card like me, you don’t even need to run the Reader software, is enough to upload the files on the proper directory inside the memory card.

update: I was thinking about it only 20 minutes ago, why not loading the full Wikipedia on my Sony Reader? Why not!!! So now I’m downloading the English and Italian version (Feb/March 2007 dump). 1.69GB for the English, 228MB for the Italian. Is in epodia eBook format, finger crossed to use it properly on the Sony Reader.