Heartland.it: new free issue, “The Polar Game”

heartland_book_the_popolar_game.jpg “Our planet is becoming larger. Not in a physical sense but as in geopolitical space. A new, immense territory of approximately 30 million square kilometers – one hundred times the size of Italy and one-sixth of terrestrial mass. It is the Arctic, occupying half of the Polar Sea that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific, which remains covered by ice for nine months of the year. However, the elevation of temperatures is redesigning the environmental profile of the extreme North. From 1994 to today, its icy surface has been reduced beyond 40,000 square kilometers per year and the medium thickness of ice has diminished by 40%. This theme seems destined to increase; a forecast by some authorities of climatology. And thus the curtain rises revealing a completely new geopolitical and economic scene. The “game for the Pole” has begun…

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