WordPress: Adopting a plugin

It’s a while since I’m using Simple Graph WordPress plugin. First I thank Pasi J. Matilainen, that did the development. After being in touch with the original developer I decided I wanted to help, I have a few ideas and at the same time I would like to fix a couple of small problems. So, here I’am, Pasi wrote me that he is quiet busy, so he cannot manage to put more time on it (plugin page is http://www.pasi.fi/simple-graph-wordpress-plugin/#comments).

Let’s start, the first two main problems I would like to fix are:

- Label on the axis are without decimal, making the graph a kind of wrong. See my weight graph on top of the page. The central axis displays 78, but some of the last values, 78.4, are under that mark.
- There is a problem (not noticed by Pasi, but for sure in this blog), if you add a value for today, the graph does not cover it, so to see it included in the graph curve, I have to add it twice, relative to today and tomorrow as well, so then is displayed.

Other problems are commented in the plug-in page.

I have some ideas about improving the plug-in, but first I want to get used to the code and see it, after fixing the mentioned problems I’ll about:

- In case of a large amount of data, having the possibility to have a larger image in a smaller box, with a couple of buttons to scroll the image left-and-right
- Visualize the value of a specific point. The used can click on the image, and a label (or any other way) appers with the specific value in that point
- Adding more than one graph in the same image, using different colors