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Mattoncini su Mattoncini
Building Blocks on Building Blocks

Italiano (English below): Mi piace quando ho la sensazione di stare costruendo la forma con tanti mattoncini, ogni allenamento un mattoncino, messi un pó di mattoncini qualche giorno di recupero e si sfrutta la nuova base. La cosa piú importante é non avere fretta, e il lento recupero dal problema al piriforme mi ha aiutato ad averne veramente poca di fretta. Lunedí ho fatto un easy, 14km tranquilli, cosí come oggi, mercoledí, altri 14km tranquilli. Quelli di oggi piú tranquilli, perché ieri, martedí ho fatto una sessione intensa, anche se non lunga. Ieri appunto 20km, ma di cui solo 12.5km di vero lavoro. 4 giri da 3.13km, di cui 2.5km attorno al ritmo maratona e 600 metri circa 10% piú veloce del ritmo maratona. Tutto a sensazione, perché stó aspettando il Garmin 310xt e ieri non mi funzionava nemmeno il cronometro che ho in un vecchio lettore mp3. Credo di essere andato fin troppo veloce e la cosa bella é che sentivo le gambe girare facile anche a ritmo maratona. Quindi, niente fretta, servono questa e le prossime 1-2 settimane per buttare su un altro pó di mattoncini importanti.

English (Italiano sopra): I like the feeling of being building up the fitness putting on many small building blocks, every training a little building block. A few building blocks on, a few days of recovery and then you are ready to use a new base. Most important think for me, no rush. The slow recovery from the problem to the piriformis for sure helped me to have no rush. Monday I did an easy 14k, like today, wednesday, but today was easier than monday, because yesterday, tuesday, I ran a more intense session. Was 20km, of which 12.5 of real workout. 4 laps of 3.13km each, with 2.5km at marathon pace and about 600 meters 10% faster than marathon pace. All paces at feeling, cause I still didn’t receive the Garmin 310xt, and yesterday I could not use the chronometer I have in an old mp3 player. I think I was running even too fast, nice was that I was feeling the legs turning easy at marathon pace. So, no rush, I need this week and the next 1-2 as well to add a few important building blocks up.

Ebay fraud users and time lost: now Garmin 310xt or Garmin 405?

And here it was, the ebay user was one of this attempt to steal money. Having done the payment with paypal connected with the ebay auction, there was no problem, the user didn’t get the payment and the payment was canceled the day after. Obviously I didn’t accept to pay the auction with a money transfer, now I would have lost 168 euro, for getting nothing, and with no further chance to get any money back.
Ok, not too bad, was 1-2 days lost in buying my watch, I can survive. In the meantime I know more about the Garmin 405 and the 310xt. Today I went in a shop in Munich, prices are higher than on the Internet. 275 euro for the Garmin 405 with HR, but I wanted to watch the Garmin 310xt as well. Some problems with the Garmin 405 made me thing about the choice. My first requirement is to have a single “piece” for watch and GPS, the HR is obviously separate, but there is no other choice.
I sow the 310xt in the shop, is very similar to the 305, but a little smaller, and with some extra functionality. The fact that is water resistant (you can swim with that and not with the 405) and has traditional buttons that do not give problem like the Garmin 405, I’m thinking about it. Also the battery last longer and I hope the GPS reception is similar to the 405 than to the 305 (I have to read a couple of forums about it). Unfortunately in the shop, the 310xt with all the option was 349 euro, so now I will hunt a bit on the Internet, and make up my mind. I’m not going to use anyhow the 405 as a normal watch (I was no doing it with the smaller Polar RS800, so), so it looks like there are more benefit from the 310xt than the 405. I guess in a few hours I will make up my mind!!!

update: and I didn’t consider going out by bicycle, it looks like with a >4/5h ride the 405 could just power off before the end, auch … that is not nice!

update 2: and the winner is … Garmin 310xt, yesterday evening I decided for that, I found a more reliable ebay shop, and bought it for 217 british pounds. I hope I don’t need too much to get it! Roberto also sent me an email with the link to an interesting article, that just confirm some of the benefits of the 310xt compared to the 405. Sure the 405 is smaller and nicer to see, but the possible problems with the 405 and some extra features of the 310xt pushed me in the direction of the 310xt!


NOTA AI NAVIGANTI: dominio spostato

Ho appena spostato il dominio, importero’ nelle prossime ore il backup del blog dall’hosting precedente. Dopodiche’ dovrebbe esserci tutto, fino all’ultimo post ed ultimo commento di oggi. A presto!!! ps: ieri 3×10′ vicino alla soglia ed oggi 30′ di cyclette tanto per sudare :) mica si puo’ ripartire con 7 allenamenti su 7 alla prima settimana!

(non so perchè, ma questo look del blog mi piace, starà male come colori con qua tutte le possibili foto, ma per ora tengo questo, vediamo se riesco a farci stare dentro quello che voglio)